Tap into your own insights with Visual Insights

Summit's Visual Insights is a Web based reporting and analytics tool to analyse Retailer Transaction and Loyalty Data.

Visual Insights is easy to use, but the reports generate powerful insights to support business decision making. 

The setup is customised for each retailer to ensure reports are structured to suit the business.


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Transactions Data helps you tap into your shoppers' state of mind at the point of sales exchange. 


You can understand how many of your products are bought at the same time, with what other products in store, at what day and what time of the day 

Refrigerated Goods

Allows you to creates different ranging scenarios to optimise your profit. New products creation, competitors product deletion, increase of grading and/or distribution.  

Grocery Shopping

Unlock opportunities with shopper behaviour. Trial and Repeat, switching behaviour, cross purchasing and exclusive buying, loyalty and shopper mission. 


Allow segmentation marketing based on shopper behaviours in clusters of geographic locations 



How successful are my promotions? What are the most effective mechanics and price points. Do they grow  number of transactions or increase items per transaction?  What was the redemption rate of my Multibuy promotion? What impact does catalogue have one my sales?  

How do I optimise my promotional strategy?


Refrigerated Goods


Understand the role different products play.  What type of customer do they attract, on what type of shopper mission, at what time of the day?

Analyse sales metrics, as well as  whether products bring any unique attributes to enhance the performance of the range?

Create different ranging scenarios to optimise category performance. 

Grocery Shopping


Unlock a deep understanding of shopper behaviour. Trial and Repeat, brand switching, cross purchasing and exclusive buying, loyalty and shopper mission.


How frequently and how recently have you shoppers bought, and how much do they spend over time.  How does this vary by demographic, buyergraphic and geographic location?


Identify opportunities and target shopper initiatives.

Open Store Sign


Optimal clustering of stores utilising a wide range of relevant inputs, including:

  • Customer types

  • Key Shopper Missions

  • Buyergraphics

  • Local Demographics

  • Daypart reliance

  • Store Location

  • Store Attributes

  • Store Size

  • Store qualitative measures

  • Sales performance metrics 

What People Say

The Summit System is amazing!!  It does all the hard work for you…I pulled some switching data yesterday and solved something pretty major in a few minutes…it's awesome

Summit VI is so easy to use,  instead of using our database we download the VI Sales Table to do our analysis

The Range Review Report is great! The financial field is particularly useful for me

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