New 7 Eleven Enhancements | New Rules Tab

A new "Rules" Tab has been added to Live Canvas.

As the label suggested, the Rules enable you to add rules to your data selection to streamline your analysis output.

Some "Rules" examples are:

  • Keep top 20 Products

  • Keep top 20% Products

  • Keep bottom 20 products

  • Keep bottom 20% products

  • Keep products where Dollars is greater than 1000

  • Keep products where Dollars is less than 1000

  • Keep products where Dollars is equal 1000

  • Keep product wgere name contains

For reports that have hard-coded rules, those rules are now editable e.g. Promo Ranking below.

There are various efficiencies and optimisations being worked-on behind the scenes to speed-up the data processing. For example:

  • If there’s a rule of “Select top 10 products based on MAT $”, then the rule can be applied at the summarised weekly data level, as a “pre retrieval” which will be quick.

  • If the data selection includes a daypart/mission/shopper/transaction then the rule will be applied on the transaction table as part of the whole data selection. i.e. retrieve $ and transaction count by daypart by mission by shopper for every product in the database, then an hour once the data is retrieved keep the top 10 based on MAT $.

Our last Blog we provided information on "My Retrieval"

To read up on "My Retrieval", please visit:

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