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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A new feature called “My Retrievals” was added to the Web Portal that is very much sought after.

This feature keeps a list of your previous 50 retrievals from each Database/Category, allowing you to review a report, and, easily refresh a report without the need to re-do the data selection.

The “My Retrievals” page and slide-out panel now both include labels, filtering and sorting:

You can cancel or delete retrievals from the list

You can also add labels in the Data Selection screen just before creating your request, a menu will pop-up to help you select consistent labels

The slide-out panel has a larger and darker “pull tab” at the right-hand side of the screen to be more noticeable. The 3-dot menu now has a “View in new tab” option, easily allowing you to analyse & adapt multiple retrievals across browser tabs, helping you stay in-the-flow. Please note, once you expand the slide-out panel, you can click on the double-arrow icon to expand further:

The fully extended slide-out panel displays all retrieval details:

The next evolution for My Retrievals will be: pin my favourite to the top, share with others, and, auto-schedule a refresh.

Summit Live Canvas also remembers what you retrieved before you closed your session. Instead of a default selection being processed

Why: The cached retrieval will allow you to “continue where you were”, with a page that opens straight away, containing a data selection that is immediately relevant. If you’d prefer a different data selection, you can visit the “My Retrievals” page to re-open or refresh specific retrievals. Future enhancements will allow you to set your favourite selection to run by default, and, schedule a refresh of certain retrievals.

This is important to know, because until now, the report would open with “data to midnight last night”, but it will now open with the last data you retrieved, which could be a month ago.

What is the date of the cached retrieval? The text under the menu-bar will display the retrieval data date, and the potential update date:

How to refresh to the most recent data:

  • We will add a “Refresh” button to the text next weekend.

  • But for this week, you can click , then click

Which cached retrieval is displayed?

  1. Your most recent completed retrieval for that report

  2. If you’ve never opened that report before, the most recent default selection for that report will be displayed

  3. If no-one at your company has opened that report, a new default retrieval will be submitted

You can "Update data" from your cached retrievals by clicking on the blue "Update" text

Once you do so, you have sent your cached retrieval to refresh teh data to "midnight last night". Alternatively, you can click the Data Selection button to change the selection.

When you report is refreshed, you can click on the blue text "View Latest" for the most up to date data.

We hope this enhancement improves your users experience.

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