Data Enrichment  -  Shopper Missions
Customised to suit the retailer  /  Built based on transaction data modeling

Every transaction is analysed according to a set of criteria, customised for each retailer, to cluster different types of transactions into Shopper Missions.  The model can look at what was in the transaction, how much did they spend in total, what was the day of the week and time of day, which store, where the products promoted, what type of shopper etc. 


The Shopper Missions are derived and embedded into the transaction data, so they're available for all future analysis, giving a unique perspective for our analysis.

Track which Shopper Missions are driving the growth of your product? 

How does the purchasing of your products compare to your competitors and the category average?

Tracking Shopping Behaviour

Eating Ice Cream

Trial & Repeat

How many shoppers have trialed the new product? 
Did launch promotions benefit trial growth? What proportion of triallists have repeat purchased?  What types of shoppers are trialing vs repeat purchasing?

Tracking changes in shopping behaviour over time by using loyalty cards or payment cards to link the individual transactions .