Liquor Marketing Group's data is here!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Great news, we are now in a position to offer Liquor Marketing Group (LMG) data through our Visual Insights tool.

Liquor Marketing Group operates several independent retail banner groups including Bottlemart, SipnSave and Harry Brown , with more than 650 members in all states. Read about LMG here :

What’s available for subscription?

LMG scandata

There are approximately 300 LMG bottleshops that supply their scandata and their total turnover is approximately $500million per annum

This panel of bottleshops is the exact same panel that LMG uses to analyse their categories and supplier performance and actions

Visual Insights is the system LMG uses internally to make their instore decisions

What will be also available for subscription shortly?

LMG warehouse withdrawal census data

Contact us to find out how you can generate actionable insights with LMG data today.

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