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Easy to use, powerful analytics tool, unlocks business opportunities

Understand shopper behaviour

through retailer transaction

& loyalty data

Identify and track growth and change in Shopper Missions

Optimise promotional strategies and marketing investment

Identify and track key drivers

of sales performance


Integrate data from multiple sources and enrich insights with our derived attributes

Consulting & Analytics Projects

Business Consultation

Work with 300+ Retailers

across different channels

Managing Big data &

Complex Data Analysis

Software Development

Data Analytics & Modeling

Project Examples:


Test & Control Analytics

Store Clustering Analysis

Promotion & Price Optimisation

Product Range Efficiency

Geo-Spatial Analysis

Segmentation Marketing 

Financial Graphs

Managing subscription services

and data revenue for retailers



Ritchies Supa IGA

Liquor Legends 

Liquor Marketing Group



Facilitating collaboration between suppliers and retailers, using common reports, data and analytics to support decision making.


Plus, providing other analytic and software services to hundreds of retailers and suppliers

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Summit Insights is a team of highly skilled and innovative software developers, data management specialists, and experienced analytics and business consultants, who are passionate about finding profitable business opportunities in data, and supporting our customers to execute ideas and maximise potential returns.

We have developed and continue to evolve our best in class data analytics systems, to optimise the insights that can be derived from data.  We are constantly innovating, integrating new data sources, and finding new ways to extract critical insights from the data available.

Leveraging the potential of our systems, we specialise in unlocking business opportunities. 

This process starts with managing the integrity of the input data, integrating data sources, and structuring our data processing to derive additional attributes to enrich the data.  The data is then processed, structured and optimised for future analytic requirements.  Automated daily data feeds flow through this process to give our customers access to timely insights that can be immediately actioned.

Our rich industry experience, and knowledge gained from many years working across channels and industry types, gives us a unique perspective to support usage of these systems, identify business opportunities and help structure initiatives with optimal execution through the path to purchase.  Post implementation, we evaluate trials, measure changes in shopper behaviour, and establish a deep understanding of return on investment.

We have helped more than 300 companies across multiple channels and industry types, and have a strong track record of delivering profitable growth.

For retailers looking to commercialise their data, we also have innovative ways of structuring supplier services, that not only generates data revenue, but also encourages a collaborative approach to data analytics between the retailer and suppliers, supporting opportunity identification and fact-based decision making.


Level 2, 122 Walker Street

North Sydney NSW 2060

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